University of Toronto Student Web Services
Responsible Use of the SWS
The Student Web Service (SWS) provides students and alumni of the University of Toronto with direct access to certain portions of their University records on ROSI, the Repository of Student Information. To gain access, a valid student number and a valid Personal Identification Number (PIN) are required.

Students can add and drop courses, vote in student elections, order transcripts, update addresses, etc. Alumni can order transcripts. Some services, such as course enrolment and elections, are available only during periods specified by relevant faculties or organizations.

ACORN is now available. For several months, both ACORN and ROSI will be available to use before ACORN replaces ROSI as your student information service at U of T.

Login to ACORN

Browsers supported: Chrome 42+, Firefox 37+, Internet Explorer 9+, Safari 7+.

ROSI is the legacy student information service at U of T and will continue to be available to students for several months, as the U of T community transitions to ACORN, ROSI's replacement.

Login to ROSI

Browsers supported: Internet Explorer 8+, Chrome 22+, Firefox 15+, Safari 6+.