University of Toronto Student Web Services
Obligations of a Registered Student

For Your Security

Always Use the Logout Button to Terminate Your Session: Once you have logged in, the session will remain active until YOU log out or until the session has been inactive for five minutes. If a session is left running, it is possible for the next person who uses this computer to read and change YOUR records.

Obligations of a Registered Student

By virtue of enrolling in courses, a student agrees to abide by all of the academic and non-academic policies, rules and regulations of the University and of his or her academic division, as set out in the divisional calendar, confirms responsibility for payment of associated fees, and agrees to ensure that the accuracy of personal information such as the current mailing address, telephone number, and email address is maintained.

A student's registration is not complete until he or she has paid tuition and incidental fees, or has made appropriate arrangements to pay. Students who defer fee payment or whose payment is deferred pending receipt of OSAP or other awards, acknowledge that they continue to be responsible for payment of all charges, including any service charges that may be assessed. For details see the Student Accounts web site at

Reassure Yourself

You are responsible for the successful completion of transactions on the Student Web Service. In particular, you should always List Courses after you have added, changed, or cancelled a course.

Transaction Confirmation

To confirm that your transaction has been properly executed, please view your Activity Log. If your transaction is not recorded in your Activity Log, then it was not successfully completed and you will need to repeat the process.
ACORN is now available. For several months, both ACORN and ROSI will be available to use before ACORN replaces ROSI as your student information service at U of T.

Login to ACORN

Browsers supported: Chrome 42+, Firefox 37+, Internet Explorer 9+, Safari 7+.

ROSI is the legacy student information service at U of T and will continue to be available to students for several months, as the U of T community transitions to ACORN, ROSI's replacement.

Login to ROSI

Browsers supported: Internet Explorer 8+, Chrome 22+, Firefox 15+, Safari 6+.